Thursday, September 25, 2014

Frozen Things to Do at Walt Disney World

Sven from "Frozen"

Just a few suggestions of things to do at Walt Disney World if you are taking a trip there. This list does not include the new "Frozen" ride that Disney is constructing at the Norwegian Pavilion at Epcot Center, replacing the Maelstrom. That won't be ready until next year - but if it's open when you get there, don't miss it!

Trust me, if you are going to Walt Disney World with your little princess, she will have a much better time if you are so thoughtful as to include all these stops on your visit. Also, you can get a free dvd from Disney to plan your vacation by clicking the picture below.

If you want Disney's free vacation planning DVD, either click the picture or click here. It's one of the best freebies you can get if you are planning a trip to Disney.

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