Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hasbro developing "Frozen" dolls

Frozen characters
The main "Frozen" characters

In a move that should surprise absolutely nobody, Hasbro, Inc. has announced that they will be joining with Disney Consumer Products in developing dolls for "Frozen" and the entire Princess line. Both Elsa and Anna, of course, are joining the other Princesses such as Cinderella and Snow White with official induction ceremonies at Walt Disney World. The last inductee was Merida from "Brave" last year.

The princesses bring in more than $4 billion a year for Disney mainly through shows and licensing. That includes the most venerable princesses, Cinderella and Princess Aurora, and Snow White, along with the more recent princesses such as Jasmine, Rapunzel and Merida. The "Frozen" princesses should just add to that, though there also undoubtedly will be some fraction of such sales that replace other princess dolls.

Frozen characters
Jasmine dolls will now call Hasbro home

Hasbro traditionally has been associated with traditional boys' toys like G.I. Joe, Transformers and Nerf guns. Its recent goal, however, has been to expand its presence in the girls' market. Toys such as the Nerf Rebelle, a Nerf gun for girls, have been coming along that are an attempt to broaden its market. The company brought in nearly a quarter of its revenue last year from girls' toys, up from just 3% a decade ago.

Barbie doll maker Mattel always has focused more on girl toys. It has had exclusive rights to make Disney Princess dolls since 1996.

Hasbro already sells over $1 billion a year in their Girls category, so this was not a huge leap for Disney. Hasbro has the size and scale to get this product out there in style on store shelves around the world.

Hasbro will be developing dolls for all the princesses beginning in 2016 worldwide, except for Japan.

Frozen characters

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