Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shopgirl Becomes Princess at Night

Gemma Beard
Gemma Beard

A shopgirl is making a go at being a princess at night. No, she's not related to Prince Charles, but Gemma Beard actually does the transformation on a weekly basis.

Gemma is the proprietor of Enchanting Story Book Parties, based in Gloucestershire, England. She is an unassuming shopgirl at the city's Game store. However, she got the idea last fall to begin dressing up as Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Belle and the rest.

No, she does not do that for any illicit purposes, you naughty things!

She has found out that there is a great demand in Gloucestershire for princess hostesses of children's parties. On some weekends, she winds up hosting five events at little princesses' homes. A trained actress, Gemma was a wee too short to be hired as a princess at Disneyland Paris, so she made her own way.

Gemma is quoted:
"I believe the classic fairytales have a lesson to teach and there are many strong characters which make good role models for children."
That certainly sounds about right. With the popularity of "Frozen," Gemma is doing Anna and Elsa as well these days. Business is so good that she is looking to add on some little princess helpers.

Sounds like a princess dream come true!

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