Friday, August 22, 2014

Disneyland Secrets - Main Street

Disneyland Main Street
Disneyland Main Street

Just in case you are planning at trip to the Magic Kingdom, videos like these should help to get you in the mood. Going to Disneyland or Disney World really requires a lot of planning by someone - either by you, or someone you are travelling with, or perhaps a travel agent of some kind.

Did you know that Main Street is modelled after Fort Collins, Colorado?

That the gas lamps along Main Street actually work and have come in handy now and then during power outages?

Do you know why there are no right-angle corners in the park?

Lots of interesting stuff you'd never know otherwise in this video.

Also, here is a kind of dated primer on tips to consider when planning a trip. The FastPass thing is old hat, but some of the other ideas are practical if you have never been there. The specifics may be dated, but not the ideas behind them - there are ways to make your trip more efficient, but you have to hunt them down in advance.

I have, and rainy days are actually the best time to show up at the park. They are not something to overcome, they are to be welcomed! There's nobody there and most of the best rides are inside anyway. Just bring an umbrella and a slicker or something and you'll have one of your greatest days ever there!